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Are Green Buildings Expensive?


Green construction is one of the most popular trends today. Sustainable buildings are usually categorized by using resource-efficient and environmentally responsible materials during the construction and building’s life-cycle. It also includes the processes before and after the construction including maintenance, operation, demolition, design, renovation and sitting. The key reason why green building is worth considering is the good impact it has on the environment.

People often think that constructing green buildings are more costly than typical methods of construction. But in reality, it is not.

So, What Is Green Building?

Green building is a building that reduces the negative impacts on our environment through its design, operation or construction, and can create positive impacts. They protect valued natural resources and enhance our quality of life. They use less resource and support the health of their residents.

Green building intends to accomplish more with less, which is what makes this practice so interesting and worth. A good, reliable green building generally cost merely a little fraction or more to construct than normal buildings. Integrated design processes that make out the most competent, holistic methods of building green can cut down these initial costs.

Why Go Green? — Importance of Green Building

Have you considered the importance of going green? Most people will realize that going green will help them to limit their carbon footprint and in fact provide an assisting hand for the betterment of the environment.

Green buildings are designed thusly to lower overall influence on our environment and also on human health by the practice of planning, designing, building and operating buildings to:

  • Reduce pollution, waste and degradation of the environment.
  • Minimize and efficient use of water, energy and other important resources.
  • Protect tenant health and enhance overall productivity.
  • Cut life cycle costs

Does Going ‘Green’ is really Expensive?

It is really a common misunderstanding among some people that going green will cost them more money. Green building actually considers expenses over the entire building life, whereas conventional building is usually determined on initial design and construction expenses.

For instance— a conventional residential house developer may scrimp on insulation to save money without taking into consideration how that actually impacts the overall energy costs for the future landholders.

Though, green buildings at initial stages can cost you a bit more and that is because green products and materials are quite expensive, but you really need to consider the type of savings that you can reap from it in future. You can save big on energy costs, because green buildings mean saving energy and are more like an investment— and investment that will save you money and help the environment too! It is a win-win situation for everyone!

People now have started recognizing how their actions have an impact on the environment, and thus demanding a transformation in the way things are carried out. This has encouraged a change that calls for green buildings and a more sustainable lifestyle. It will not just save the earth, but save a lot of money as well.

There are a myriad of features which can turn a building ‘green’.

  • Use of renewable energy, like solar energy
  • Good indoor environmental air quality
  • Use of sustainable, ethical and non-toxic materials
  • Reusing and recycling
  • Measure for pollution and waste reduction
  • Design that facilitates acclimatization to a changing environment

Benefits of Green Building

With the invention of new technologies to harmonize current systems in building greener and safer structures, the advantages of green building can vary from economic to environmental to social and others. By implementing greener practices, we can take the greatest benefit from economic and environmental performance. Green construction approaches when integrated well with the design and construction, it can give the most significant benefits to enjoy-

Less Energy and Water Costs

Green buildings usually mean better efficiency, thus lesser energy bills. Maybe the green building cost can be 2-3% more than that of conventional construction, but ultimately you can quickly get that money back by lesser utility bills. Generally, green building can help you save approx. 30-40 percent on water and energy bills including gas, cooling, and heating.

Less Maintenance

The most concern part of green building is repairs, maintenance and upkeep. Most green building materials complement lower maintenance. For instance— instead of hardwood, tiles or marble you can choose bamboo flooring which is easily sustainable, renewable and highly popular. You can not only maintain the functionality and elegance of beautiful wood flooring without any maintenance tension and cost.

Lowering Costs

Earlier going green was a bit expensive, but today the costs are quickly decreasing because the market is growingly investing in green materials which help to reduce the manufacturing cost. That’s why now it is getting affordable to utilize green construction as conventional it may even cost fewer. The more you spend in the industry, the more reasonable it will become.

Long-Term Cost Savings

The cost-saving advantages of green building are supreme in the long-term. It increases your property overall value which will help to get a better price for the home in the future. Apart from the reduced carbon footprints, you can see significant savings on the living costs for the lifetime.

The Key Takeaway

Green building gives some of the most effective means of accomplishing a range of global goals, including the creation of sustainable and booming communities, addressing climate variation, and directing economic growth.

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